Benzinga Pro Review 2023: Is It The Best Stock Screener?

Trade till you know what the market wants to tell you.

As trading is a magical way to boost the financial stability of an individual.

The way it is constructed can be nailed by better evaluation rather than making some random guesses based on illogical reasons.

Introduction to Benzinga Pro

Trading moves out of hand if the trader is not good enough to keep the hold on the facts.

But from where does the trader gets all those tools and realistic information?

The answer is “Benzinga Pro” because it has got all that one trader seeks.

What is Benzinga Pro?

Benzinga Pro Review

Benzinga Pro is an excellent platform to get all of the stats and information traders can use to ace the market returns. It has got the place of one of the best screeners in the market. Traders have already given thumbs up to “Benzinga Pro” and it looks like it deserves it too.

The journey of Benzinga started in 2010 with some $10,000 and a tonne of hard work in the pocket of Jason Raznick. In terms of financial technology Benzinga is one of the best out there and the world agrees.

What Are Some Features Of Benzinga Pro?

Benzinga Pro Features

A product/service is chosen when it has got some really exciting and well-assisting features. Because only these features give birth to the qualities an app is going to carry. The features give life to the service and contribute to making a name for it –

Get the Concentration

Benzinga Pro Concentration

Trading is a game of concentration as you can’t miss a single piece of information about the market. Benzinga Pro has got the alert feature to keep the trader attentive to the moves being made by mammoth traders and events shaking up the market. This is the feature that will help in catching all of the returns in the favour of the trader.


Drive the returns to a higher level simply by observing the details. A detailed analysis is needed of the hour as we seek a better understanding of the market to compare assets to evaluate the future.

Benzinga pro offers a better-detailed analysis based on numerous parameters which help in getting better returns. The understanding of factors like charts, graphs and calendars, and financial information helps in the structural hold of the market.


Benzinga Pro Calendars

Different date ranges have different data asset of events happening in the period differs. The market has a collection of IPOs, FDA, guidance, retail sales etc and each factor affects the trading which is the reason the Calendar feature involves filters to feed date and time zone to get the specific information.

Earnings too can be analysed by using the calendar as it shows how well the sticks will travel in nearby future.


Benzinga Pro watchlist

Future has to be analysed as it is based on our wishes. We all love many things and as we add them to the cart when we cant buy them suddenly this feature and also be experienced on Benzinga pro.

The watchlist helps in keeping an eye on your favourite stocks to track their growth and other financial factors. Watchlist helps in holding over the stocks for a longer time and keeps the data ready to execute the plans of trading.


Benzinga Pro Scanner

Scanner helps majorly the active traders who wish to keep an eye over every move in the market. All types of gainers can be tracked here and multiple scans can be saved too. This feature of Benzinga allows it to rule the trading market. As it quickens the work for traders and knows how to not make wrong evaluations and weaken the possibilities of maximum return.


Benzinga Pro Screener

The screener is the backbone of the platform as it provides the fastest comparison and evaluations. It helps in applying filters to get a certain type of specific information.

The screener works on different factors and is so smooth in terms of services. The Benzinga Pro screener beats every other screener in the market as it gives an edge to every trader.


Benzinga Pro multi tasking

Everyone wishes to keep track of multiple events when the market is flowing. Multi-tasking is needed for an hour as it helps in tackling many things together. Benzinga Pro helps in having a “Squawk Box” which assists in using the information by the medium of radio. The trader can surf and listen to all the updates in the background to understand the grounds of events by using Benzinga Pro.


Benzinga Pro Chat Room Community

Benzinga Pro is going to be the platform where you are going to meet numerous people related to the same domain. The Chatting room of Benzinga Pro helps in interacting according to their interest. It has been divided into 9 different channels which can be chosen according to the interest.

It contributes to getting you a better understanding and sharing of opinions and ideology and enjoying trading to its fullest.

#5 Key Benefits of Using Benzinga Pro

Benzinga Pro has different features which make it one of the biggest names in the market of financial technology. Benzinga Pro has got some real customer supportive effects which give them an edge/benefits.

Benzing Pro Scanner

Easy to Use

The portal of Benzinga Pro is easy as it doesn’t need a lot of decoration or technology. The person who is connected to financial technology even on the basic level then they can get it used properly. The data is provided in a very systematic manner and the platform doesn’t look chaotic and messy. Traders can easily use it to pick the charts of trading returns. 


Benzinga Pro doesn’t make you wait for so long when you seek faster results to make moves in the market. Benzinga Pro offers glitch-free surfing which is perfectly placed to drive results. The surfing will depend on the network it is connected to but as a portal, it doesn’t show any errors or glitches. 

Scanner/Screener filters

The scanner and screener of Benzinga Pro are the major weapons to extract results. It has got perfect structure and well-maintained tech support. The trader can use multiple filters to get the results they seek to evaluate. It is one of the main features of any financial information-sharing platform. 

Customer Support

Advice and answers from the Benzinga Pro Team

Benzinga Pro gets you the best customer service. The Benzinga Pro helps in getting assistance anytime. Anytime an issue arises it can be sorted with the excellence of customer care  Benzinga Pro helps in getting the best customer service for their best customers as they are the main investment Benzinga has been betting upon.


Language matters a lot when it is about the global level. The website of “Benzinga Pro ” functions in the English language and works smoothly for users knowing basic English. The website does mention some financial terms so the user must have a grip over these terms to understand the website.

Pricing Plan For Benzinga Pro

Benzinga Pro pricing plans

The pricing for Benzinga Pro is affordable and doesn’t cost a bucket full of money. The rate shall be affordable as only then the work can be fluent and the platform can be chosen. Benzinga Pro costs $27 for the basic month plan, $177 for essential and $ 347 for options mentorship. The rates do unlock different features which assist in better evaluations.

Is There Any Free Plan For Benzinga Pro?

Benzinga Pro free plans

Yes, Benzinga Pro does offer a plan which literally costs 0.00 dollars. The plan can be used to avail features to some extent. The free subscription gets the watchlist, movers, chart, tools and Nasdaq basic.

These all features can assist in basic trading evaluations as they help in handling general calculations too. This gives an edge to people who can’t invest so much in using the platform but still seeks better trading which is based on evaluations, not guesses.

What Are Some Pros Of Benzinga Pro?

Benzinga Pro is numerous pros which makes it a platform able to beat any other platform sharing financial knowledge.

  1. Better affordability in terms of pricing which extends its reach.
  2. Technical analytics helps in getting more well-dug analysis.
  3. The screener has exciting filters to get the best realistic data of particular stock.
  4. It helps in getting the best compatibility with users on different servers.
  5. Benzinga Pro’s paid subscriptions offer message support to traders and maximize the results.
  6. The glitch-free service can be availed by traders on Benzinga Pro.
  7. The free subscription to offers several features which are good for basic trading.
  8. Portal function in language English which is quite global.

What Are Some Cons Of Using Benzing Pro?

  1. Benzinga Pro is not widened to future or forex as it majorly deals in stick market only.
  2. The language English shouldn’t be the only restriction while using the platform.
  3. In comparison with TradingView and Finviz, lower technical tools and parameters are used by Benzinga.

What To Expect From Benzinga Pro?

Best financial knowledge related to the stock market can be expected by Benzinga Pro.
It helps in understanding the stock market like a pro. All the features assist in executing fair evaluation which can help traders understand how well the stocks are performing.

Benzing Pro Features

The pricing plans to registration process all end up successful in winning the game of returns. The structural perfection also delivers a better understanding of the web portal and easy to surf tools.

Conclusion – Final Verdict

Benzinga Pro The New Face of Financial Research

Benzinga Pro is a big name in the market which is ruling the terms of financial knowledge distribution. All the features result in a better understanding of a market and work in favour of the trader. Benzinga pro is going to be on the top of the platforms providing the same services. It is roaring and it seems to be roaring in future too.

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