ChartIQ vs TradingView: Which One Is The Best Platform in 2024

Intro to Chartiq

In this modern era of time, trading is very popular and loved among all generations. Trading is a very good option for part-time work and also for a full-time option of earning. To get a successful career in trading all you have to know is to analyze charts, learn from others and predict the future based on facts and figures. You have to avoid guessing to reduce the chances of loss.

People say that trading is a risky game, well yes it is but you can reduce the risk by applying your brain and techniques. ChartIQ is a very useful platform for traders ChatIQ is the world’s most powerful HTML5 stock charting library with a huge range of charts and many useful features to enhance your experience and outcomes of your observation.

Features of ChartIQ

Features of Chartiq

ChartIQ is a very popular and very useful platform for those who are working as traders or practicing for that because ChartIQ contains many features that make it a useful platform some of those features are;

ChartIQ Provides Very Attractive Charts

Attractive Charts by Chartiq

These charts are highly informative and useful. Charts are the best way to observe and analyze the market these charts enable you to learn more about market growth and movement. ChartIQ provides a very large range of charts which enables us to know about many aspects of the market. Charts help in checking and predicting the upcoming market changes. These charts are provided in many forms like bars, candles, etc…

Fully Customizable + Quick Time-To-Market

Customizable and time to time market by Chartiq

ChartIQ UI templates make it easy to get a financial chart in hours, and “light” customization. It provides fully customizable charts and quickly updated charts so that you can go with the market time and don’t be before the time. This enables you to get to know about the best timing of investment and helps you in knowing about every movement of the market. It reacts with the market very quickly so that you won’t miss any event or movement of the market which leads to up-to-date learning and having the opportunity to earn with every event.

Cross-platform support

Cross platform support by Chartiq

Cross-platform ChartIQ supports every platform and works with any device Android, Windows, OS, etc.. . ChartIQ also works with your native app as a support application which gives you all information about the market and every update about the trading world this is a big plus point of ChartIQ that it gives multiple platform support to enable you to use the precious information provided by chart IQ and using it’s incredible features for your successful trading every day.

Future Proof

Chartiq future proof

The main problem of any trading supporting site or app is that they don’t get updates constantly which leads users to shift to another then platform over time which creates many problems but ChartIQ provides you updates constantly and assures you for the future that ChartIQ will grow and help you to grow with time and bring constant several changes in itself to help you time to time.

Your workflow solution provider

Financing is getting developed into the app-to-app communication that ChartIQ provides a system that supports every platform to reduce the interruptions that occur in trading by the reason of lack of communication. This is a very big point for ChartIQ because the communication problem is a very popular problem faced by traders during trading because their apps or platforms support only a few others and they can’t work with rests.

Best-in-class developer experience

Development is in good hands which delivers time to time development to the ChartIQ and also provides one of the best customer support with a very quick response. The support team of ChartIQ is very quick in responding and always ready for technical solutions and services which enhances the user experience and also reduces the interruptions in using the ChartIQ.if you have a platform with constant support and a good development team then it’s a very enhancing point for your trading and work.

Pros of ChartIQ

Pros of Chartiq

ChartIQ is a marvelous product that enhances the work experience of traders by providing very informative charts with the world’s most powerful HTML5 stock charting library. ChartIQ also supports a cross-platform method which enhances the work and reduces interruptions. ChartIQ is so popular because of its features and pros, some pros of ChartIQ are –

Very informative charts

ChartIQ provides very informative and attractive charts which enable you to learn about the movement and growth of the market which is very useful for traders in working and earning more by trading.

You’ll get cross-platform support

Cross-platform enables you to access ChartIQ with multiple platforms of trading and enables you to use every information of ChartIQ within your native platform.

Provides constant updates

ChartIQ provides constant updates which lead to up-to-date information and events of the trading market with information on every movement of the market to enable you in using every opportunity to make a profit.

Introduction to Tradingview


Trading is a swing to reach financial milestones faster as better evaluated information helps in generating faster results. The trading surrounded by better and more realistic information helps in creating finer results. Such information is vital in terms of accepting the idea evaluation over guessing. The way trading can be aced by using the resources and tools that can be managed is the best process to find good returns.

About Tradingview

What is Tradingview

Tradingview is the destination for all of the realistic information and tools desired by traders to understand the definition of perfect risk management and profit-driving. Tradingview is in the market to help traders use the collected data and enjoy the benefits of its features.

Tradingview has numerous features which make it stand in the position where it is now –


Tradingview technical analysis

The standard analysis can be enjoyed on the TradingView based on different information. The technical analysis helps in getting a quick observation of the assets by seeing the color code too. Analysis helps in understanding the process of evaluation and how the stock has been performing and how it is going to perform shortly.

News Alert

TradingView Alerts

The news alert is about keeping a check on the market’s actions. The news helps in understanding the events which affect the market. By keeping a track of all of these events one can easily make changes in their moves and maximize the results. It minimizes the risk as the traders get the time to make quick changes.


TradingView Pricing Plans

Tradingview hasn’t kept prices so high that people don’t get abandoned because of high rates. Tradingview pricing plan has free services available too and the plan cost $59.95 monthly which is dependent on the choice of plans picked.


Tradingview Screener

The screener is the key feature of TradingView as it helps in getting faster results by using the best filters. The screener helps in finding the standard of a particular stock and getting a hold of the history of an asset. The screener is merged with every filter a user desires.

Free accounts

Tradingview Accounts

Some users can’t even pay a minimal fee to get their trading on the track. But TradingView has no plans to make them feel restricted. The free account services can be availed by these traders which gives access to limited features of the trading view. As it doesn’t have all of the premium features but to some extent helps in getting a better idea of the market.

What can we expect from Tradingview?

how does tradingview work

Tradingview offers more effective features to the users than any other platform. It stands upto the very expectation a trader can have from such an app. It helps in getting the hold over the several features and tools useful in understanding the market. Tradingview also has strong experience in this domain which generates enough trust in the hearts of users. It also has powerful technical analysis which drives better results for users and extracts finer returns.

What are some pros of using Tradingview?

Pros of using tradingview

Trading Views has got some exciting pros which make it dominate the market of financial information. Some of such pros are as follows 🙂

Affordability expands its reach in the domain of users as they can easily get premium subscriptions.

Free accounts still are part of TradingView in this capitalized world. As limited features can still be enjoyed without paying a single penny.

The technical analysis gets the job done for users and provides fast results

The color code also contributes to the direct understanding of whether the stock has got positive returns or not.

How to register for Tradingview?

The registration process isn’t an issue for traders using the trading view. They normally have to web search the platform over the internet using any kind of network. After going to the website one has to register by filling up the details and decide whether they seek a paid plan or wish to avail of free services. After paying the fees they can go through the premium features or in the case of using a normal registration some of the basic features can be used.


Tradingview Conclusion

Tradingview is the best platform and easily beats its alternative ChartIQ. In terms of features and benefits, TradingvVew is far better than ChartIQ. The way it is structured assists users in accessing all of the information related to the market. ChartIQ has to get some features expanded and also try to add more attractive policies if they desire to get a bigger user base. But till the time it isn’t fixed, TradingView will be on the top of the market. Tradingview has gained the trust of its users which has gifted customer loyalty to them. And customer loyalty is one of the most essential things a service provider seeks.

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