Cool Snapchat Names


What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a social media fun app that was originally founded by Evan Spiegel and Reggie Brown, students of Stanford University in the year 2011. The app offers direct communication features like texting, calling, video messaging, and more with friends and family in a one-on-one messenger style. It also lets people record and post their videos and photos to their Snapchat Story that last 24-hours while giving people the option to save their Snapchat Stories to their camera roll. You can even make your own custom stickers from selfies and photos you’ve taken. To make is more featuring, you can also add a geofilter to mark your location, and then post to your Snapchat Story or as a personal message to a friend.

  • Cool Features that Snapchat Offers:

The cool thing about Snapchat is that you can use the app without ever sending a Snap – you can follow your favourite celebrities based on their usernames, watch and follow your favourite brands for exclusive content and announcements, or just creep through the Discover page’ to get up-to-date on current news and events as it’s updated daily. Snapchat delivers current news and information from credible sources and entertainment sites like IGN, The Economist, Refinery29, Harper’s Bazaar, VICE, National Geographic, CNN, The New York Times, and the list goes on.

An interesting feature of Snapchat that also makes it different from its rivals is that if you ever dared to screenshot someone’s photo, snapchat would instantly inform the person on the other end that their photo has been screen-captured.

The snapchat app had been invented in order to promote more fun-oriented communications. It provides its users various kinds of filters and emojis while chatting with one another. Right from the ‘dog- faced’ filter, snapchat comes with ever amazing filters like that of an old man, some make you look like a goat and pitch-shift your voice, others add funky effects and glasses, some slim out your face and turn you into a Coachella flower-crown princess, while one recent filter can even turn you black-faced just like Bob Marley.

Why to go for Cool Snapchat Names?

Why do you need good                    snapchat usernames?

It sounds cool if somebody remembers your snapchat username when they meet to you in person. What makes people remember usernames is its uniqueness. You will always remember the things which were different from others and not the ones that had same attributes. Also, another advantage of having a cool snapchat username is that a creative username may provide you fame, when more people will remember it and follow you up. Additionally, when you create amusing but creative usernames, you can get the purpose of snapchat fulfilled that is to have fun while communicating with your friends.

How to change snapchat username?

Snapchat has this policy as a security measure against harassment. However, if you don’t like your username and want to get a new one without losing your contacts, there’s a solution. You’ll just need to create an all-new username before getting rid of your old username. Here’s how you can change your username, briefed step by step:-

1.      Firstly, launch Snapchat on your Smartphone and directly go to your profile by tapping on the Snapchat logo at the top of the screen.

2.      Tap on the settings icon and choose the option to Log out which can be found at the very bottom of the screen.

3.      Once you’re logged out, tap on Sign Up and fill out the information requested. It is important to make sure that you use a different email address than the one you use with your current Snapchat account. No need to worry about this as you can change this later.

4.      Once the process of signing up has been completed successfully, tap on Add Friends.

5.      Tap on Add from Address Book and Click on Continue at the bottom of the screen. Allow Snapchat to access your contacts by tapping OK.

6.      In your address book, people who’re using Snapchat will have a Snapchat username under their name instead of a phone number. You can add anyone to your address book.

7.      Sign out and log back into your old Snapchat account and tap on the Snapchat icon.

8.      Tap on My Friends and write down the usernames of the people who have not been added to your new account.

9.       Log in to your new account and tap on the Snapchat icon again.

10.  Manually add the rest of your friends by going to Add friends and tapping on Add by Username.

11.  Now you can delete your old Snapchat account.

And using this method, you can easily change your username and create a cool new one.

How to create your own new snapchat names?

The first and main thing is that one must think differently to create a username. Some people use a complex username to attract other people which are not true. A simpler name is always a point of attraction. The length of a name should also be taken into consideration because the majority of the users just take an upper look on the username and sometimes the lengthier one is ignored by them. The username should be of a particular length so that it can be easily remembered by the people.

To decide your Snapchat usernames here’s the tips to follow in order to achieve it.

1.      Use Capital letters in between: Using Uppercase in between your username may make it look a bit catchier. What looks good is using an alphabet in uppercase font when you are using two different words but without any space in between them. For example, you can write ‘SimplyAmazing’ instead of ‘simplyamazing’.

2.      Use Abbreviations: You can actively use abbreviations to create a username that would sound more of a roan or mystery. Abbreviations always are preferred for coding verses; you too can use them for your creative snapchat username task. For example, you can use ‘TDF01’ ‘SPD5’.

3.      Use ‘I am’: The phrases like ‘this is’ or ‘I am’ fit nicely in your Snapchat username making it a good snapchat name. For example, ‘IamSuperman’ or ‘IamFreaky’ adding ‘I am’ surely improves coolness.

4.      Add title like” MR, Mrs, & Miss: Title is a nice creative thought to attract more friends on snapchat. Title surely adds coolness to the Username. You can try adding ‘Mr, Mrs or Miss’ according to your gender and make it Good Snapchat Name. For Example, ‘MissChatterbox’MrCoolDude’ etc.

5.      Use attractive adjectives: You can always go for good adjectives when you cannot find anything around. Adjectives are a great source to create usernames that are interesting to hear or read. You can use ‘Benthebrave’CreativeCandy’ ‘AttractiveBella’.

6.      Use numbers: You can use numbers and increase the coolness level of your snapchat username. Numbers are an essential part of usernames these days. They make the usernames look more attractive and they create a kind of mystery in the minds of those who look at your username. You can add your favourite set of numbers along with the words you use in your username. For example, you can write ‘Dexter55’ ‘02Medonna’ ‘Chris404’ etc.

7.      Use words from different languages: Nowadays, people are curious for learning more new languages. They are eager to use words from different languages when they speak or write. You can use words from varied languages in order to make your username look damn cool and unique. For example, you can use ‘BeauEma’ ‘IamAnmol’.

Here is a list of few Cool Snapchat Usernames:

Sometimes we use our original names or the funky names in order to sign up. Well, it makes a point of attraction for other user and creates a curiosity in the mind of other people to see our page on the social platform. Use cool and creative usernames to grab attention of other users. Here are some of the examples:

Immurelight53                  Wherewithal                         Draffja77                      Barmecide

Babblative                         JaverSmile                             Petrichor                       Mere_wolff

Blowsabella                        Cheilion                              Noctambulist                         Revived

Discovery                       Gentleman                            Macca20Novae                     Romantic

Therapy                            Cytherean                             Carefreeness                          Dissemble

Taniwha                            Bezaleel                                 Lucidzinc                              Briskness

Inundate                           Caesura                                  Roseate                                 Sublime

Heartfelt                           TickledPink                             Laceywas                        Advantageous

Incredible                          Crystalline                              Triumph                          MosenViolet

Musical                             Ecstatify                                  Veracity                              Vociferous


Here’s a list of some Good Snapchat Usernames:

Spikeysniper                                 thegreatwarrior                      ysoserious

Bravedarkhorse                                  darthvader                         killerboy

Snap-pete                                          Blackhawk                        midnightcruiser

Mr-big                                               ijustgotsnapped                  secretagent

Fastestrunner                                    psychokiller                     whitewanderer

Madking                                                 johnsnow                     thesmartestnerd

Iownhotwheels                                    crazybiker                     myadventures

Shinchan                                        smartheaddexter                flirtyarchie

dude-snapityo                               Casanova                            master-snap-pants

tinymoron                                      basketballfreak


Here are some creative snapchat usernames:

Money_king                       Royaljatt                              uchiha_sasuke

jon_stark                            young_wolf                            king_North

half_blood                           pablo_bar                             king’s_hand

Rachel_green                     mad_foodie                       a_girl_has_no_name

joey_tribbani                     chandler_mad                      sarcastic_sperm

pirate_hunter                       fire_fist                                white_beards

Autobots                                shalkow_feobe                       zoomer

pirate_king                             zoro_thehero                     white_rabbit

aao_kabhi_haweli_pe         how_you_doing             hakuna_matata

Black_knight                          speedster                            spider

mother_of dragons              chain_breaker                 you_know_nothing

Diva hot                                  Tacklebox                           forgivingyou

Little Miss Piggy                      Dimples                             Little Miss Cupcake

Angel Snowflakes                   Honeycomb                      Crazy Leader

Brutal Lovely Lights                Apple Honeypie               The Prophet

Snerus                                      Sky Bully                             Dear sweetie

twilightvanillagalaxies            Far Racer                          Muffinhead

Fruity Touch                            Mr. mister                         Awesome Honey

Lemon Honeypie                   deliriousmistakes            Marshmallow Honey

Mike Adamle                          Kunning king                     Atomic Rooster

Fairy Fresh                              Lovely Poison                   OrdinaryGentelman

1ddreamoutloud                       Firestix                              Bold Style

Gunhawk                                      Passion                              Dry Fisher

Teen Touch                               Strange Evil                         Internet Princess

Zenith Lead                                Best Peace                          Xoom lady

Turnip King                                  Teen Hug                          Geordie

neverforgetyourdreamss               Bean Basket               Take Away

Dolly                                           OpelSpeedster                     Hiphop

AWESOME LYK THaT                       Lasmo                       dark night bright days

Slow Trot                                      Cool pineapple                       Doll Face

Shy Doll                                           Oodles                                   Rainbow Doll

Cross Thread                                  NONAME                             POTATO LOVER

Space Walker                                   Troll                                   Born confused

Gail102                                          Ridge Runner                        Honeybear

NoisYBoY                                        Angel Memories                       Cutie

Honey bear Doll                           Feature Swag                            Honey

2Star Princess                        just my little wonderwall            Nightmare King

Cool guy                                             Foxface                                   Elegant Point

Technophyle                                    Yellow Menace                        NetFreak

Criss Cross                                      WarlockOPain                             JesusoChristo

girlwiththebr0kensmile         emmaploess                                    Melody

Bite Glory                                          Yes Time                                       Blossom

Mr. Lucky                                             Heavenly                                   Babykind

Honey Girl                                        Garden Rose                            AmazingHuh

Love Speeder                                    Tight Sight                                 AngelLamb

Awesome me                                    Angel twins                               Cozy button

Neophyte Believer                             Hangman                               Angel Froggie

Fire3232                                       Starhawke Mystery                    Lollipop Honey

Dawnofdusk                                        Old Regret                          Elegant Friendship

The Dude                                            Raging Again                             Awesome pie

Sarah                                                  camerashy443                             evil weevil

haltyoudoglovers                            Doll Diamond                             Windy Miller

Funny Snapchat Names

Check out some funny snapchat username:

Using funny usernames would attract the attention of many people. It helps in getting you popular. Use your creative mind and create some good funny usernames for yourself. Here are some of them:

Mcollina                          EthanDolan                              RenoRojas

HalilİbrahimGöker        ScottySire                                JoshPeck

LittleMix                           Baxter                                        vhf

KMAC                                taylorotwell                            Twitter

shiffman                         JacobWhitesides                   photonstorm

BadassGrandmom        TwentyForSeven                    StephenCurry

Pagekennedy                     CalebCoffee                         QuickLifeHacks

EvanPeters                            torvalds                              ZaneandHeath

MattCutshall                          caitp                                  AdamLe

ednapiranha                     JessicaLesaca                        SelenaGomez

Galatzia                              JoshHutcherson                    ianstormtaylor

AustinMahone                       Pranks                               NiC0LEP0LiZZi

Ujihisa                                   Ridiculousness                     pippinsplugins

DiegoZ                                    HighOnLife                         LouTeasdale

RyDoon                                 Motivated                           ESPN

DjDouglas                                 Boysof                               Remix

andrew                                  MacMiller                          BuseArici

ChristineEsposito               FightClubMedia                   GingerWessonLavender

TylerOakley                         andrewsmedina                   TayvionPower

EleanorCalder                              Starbucks                     JUANPAZURITA

FBP                                         Twaimz                                 ReggieCOUZ

TyraBanks                                       gka                               ChristianLemke

DalaunRichardson                    GiftedVoices                   OddFuture

NevSchulman                         TatianaManaois               JeremyScott

mnot                                     NickSantonastasso                   Jessewelle

IanPadgham                      OsmanCanKuzu                        JeremyScott

FifthHarmony                        LOHANTHONY                    AlperRende

NezDemir                                 EdBassmaster                    sionemaraschino

EricStonestreet                       ShaneDawson                     TaylorLautner

JuanpaZurita2                          whoismaxwell                       LeahSuh

mrmrs                                         DylanDauzat                      PrayingSteveJR

CarterReynolds2                            Klarity                              christianleave

ChipHoch                                      ToniRomiti                         2realmacdatfee

KeithAllenVanke                         madskristensen                 RyanSeacrest

magnars                                      ChadJaXonPerez                   dreandcox

LoganPaul                                    BorisLaursen                      WORLDSTARHIPHOP

LelePons                                            Smack                                  sferik

davecheney                                       zcbenz                               kingdaddy

StephanieClavin                                 jakevdp                              RavenSymonè

FunnyWhitePeople                         BenLandis                           headius


Thus, you can easily decide on your own which kind of snapchat username you want to have for yourself. More than that, you can also create new ones using the suggestions mentioned in this article. Go ahead and make some cool snapchat usernames that won’t bind you among those who are the ‘commons’. Be creative and be different.

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