Best NordVPN Review: Easy To Set Up & Use VPN Service

We use the Internet every day but the question is, Is Internet safe, are our data and information that we share on internet safe, the answer is NO but the ultimate solution is NordVPN that keeps your data safe and secure. It provides a wide range of features which makes it the best VPN service provider among those in the market.


There is no doubt of getting targeted by online threats so make sure that your data is secure and protected before you are being targeted.

NordVPN is the solution that helps you browse a secure internet and with its various features, you can take a benefit of internet parallel to a safe and protected internet connection.

Wide Features NordVPN That Made Best VPN Service Provider

Security talking about the biggest challenge of being online or getting your system connected to the world web. With NordVPN you are completely secure even though you are not on a secure site.

The most advanced security features have been provided by NordVPN. When you online the traffic over your internet is being encrypted so that no one can spy on your connection and the traffic over your network.

NordVPN uses Military Grade encryption which is next to impossible to decrypt the same for finding out the information. Further makes a shield over your connection for advertisements and malicious online threats.

Not only has this if a single VPN is so strong they let me share that NordVPN provided Double VPN that 2 x for one connection you get your connection twice encrypted. That is something jaws down feature.

Talking about privacy, VPN is nothing but a wall between you and your connection when you connect to the internet it request your ISP for connection from your system which is the ISP and anyone between can watch your traffic now what VPN does is the connection request from you is first received by the VPN servers and then the servers on behalf of your request gets you connected to the ISP.

So you can think VPN services can spy on your data too. But no they provide security as well as protection to your data or information. NordVPN protects your IP address when it receives your request it generates some random IP address and gets you connected. As a result, your original IP address gets hidden.

NordVPN has a policy that says that there are no data logs for your connection neither being tracked or monitor so your private data is kept private.

Now when your connection to the NordVPN is dropped there is nothing to worry about your protection it has an automatic switching mode which protects your data.

More privacy features like DNS leakage and onion protection which makes the flow your data secure and protected from online threats and danger.

NordVPN has more than 1400 servers in 61 different countries so no issue of getting a connection in o time. Most of the VPN services make your connection slow but with NordVPN forget about the words like buffering, bandwidth throttling and enjoy the secure streaming experience.   

With NordVPN you get access to any website or application that has been restricted by your ISP or region. These are because no can trace your location as your completely anonymous.

NordVPN is suggested by a much big organization who use it for keeping their data and information safe and protected from the outer world. Some companies or organization who advocates NordVPN are WIRED, Forbes, CNN, TechRadar, Yahoo etc.

Talking about the plans that NordVPN has is divided into three tires

Firstly the most taken plan, the one year plan which is billed annually for $69 which becomes $5.75 monthly.

Secondly, the six-month plan which is billed every six months for $42.00 which becomes $7.00 monthly.

Lastly, the monthly plan which is billed monthly for $11.75.

NordVPN provides 30 days money back guarantee too.

NordVPN is not only the best by its features but also by its customer support and services along with the price that you need to pay for the services.

Which comes for your system and other devices so no matter you are connected to the internet from your system or mobile device but you are secure ie: NordVPN comes as mobile apps too. This is time to make you’re browsing secure and protected. So grab your connection too before it’s too late.

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