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The business world is in a state of constant transformation due to the introduction of new technologies, tools and media platforms. No one can argue that these changes aren’t for the better but with the shift in views, everyone also needs better and more coaxing modes of persuasion.

The bedrock of every successful corporation is attracting presentation. Up till now Microsoft PowerPoint completely ruled the arena of presentation making in businesses but with the advent of budding startups and entrepreneurs, presentation crafting techniques are also changing. People are looking for unique designs to make their presentations stand out from among the rest. One up and coming supporter of PowerPoint designs is

What is SlideModel? is a PowerPoint presentation template provider. These templates are in alignment with the modern trends and current market needs. The best of the graphic designers in the market have been chosen to design templates and infographics for each and every business topic, may it be company introduction, marketing, strategy planning, statistical calculations or process flow. SlideModel has it all when it comes to presentation making.

Now you don’t need to spend hours and hours searching the web for the perfect template for your presenting. Because finding the ideal template for your presentation is now only a click away. On the templates and resources are divided into categories to provide a user-friendly search interface, or the user can perform a keyword search to find pertinent resources. There are so many templates to choose from.

What’s the catch?

This is the question I asked myself after taking a look at all that SlideModel had to offer, and the answer I found was none. This is no catch. You don’t need to spend any bucks for each product you download, instead you subscribe for a plan and it grants you access to download the content. Other sites like Shutterstock or 123RF charges per images credits, individual purchases are allowed on these sites. SlideModel is completely different, it is a subscription-based website instead.

The only charges are for the subscription plans. SlideModel offer four different subscription plans to suit the needs of every kind of user.

One Day Access

One-Day Access is the most basic of the subscription plans. It gives the users a one day access to all the templates and tools. The user can download a maximum 5 templates in this plan.

3 Months Basic

This plan allows users to download a maximum of 100 downloads in a month and a maximum of 10 downloads in a day. This plan is most suitable for small organizations that need to make few presentations every day.

Annual Basic

In this plan, the subscriber has full access to all the SlideModel tools for a complete year.  Users can download up to 200 templates in a month, with a max of 50 downloads per day.

Annual Unlimited

The Annual Unlimited plan trumps all the others. This subscription plan gives unlimited access to everything on SlideModel with unlimited download per day, for the whole year. The plan also comes with multi-seat access so you can invite other members of your organization to join. Also, you can download directly to your cloud storage accounts like Dropbox or Google Drive.

We have reviewed some of the templates from They were easy to download and took only KB’s of space. The review for two of the templates is given below.

Company Profile template

Company profile template is one of the best introductory templates to date for corporate and businesses. It has 15 slides, all designed in the conformity of the sophisticated theme. The slides can be customized to add resources shapes and icons. There is a slide for the introductions of the team as a whole, and then there is a slide template for the individual members too, that helped me demonstrate the strengths of each person on my team in a very attractive manner.

The timeline slide design is a great way to show the corporate milestones and goals over the coming months or years. The slide with the world map is also a huge plus as it can be fully edited to explain the global outreach of the company. For me, it worked to show the outreach of my blog but designers can also use these slides and other infographic templates available online to make awesome infographics directly from PowerPoint.

Editable Gantt Chart for PowerPoint

When it comes to the Gantt charts, SlideModel has a huge collection of them. There are hundreds of different designs, each one more attractive than the last one. Gantt charts are very popular for presenting the management activities. The Gantt templates are simple, concise and elegant for communicating the project activities. The one that I like best was the Editable Gantt Chart template.

It consists of the slide for horizontal and vertical Axis measure Timeline slides, roadmaps, task assignment. The three most important things in any project planning are:

  1. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  2. Resources
  3. Project Milestones (predefined)

All three of these things are conveyed very clearly through the Editable Gantt Chart for PowerPoint.


To be clean and direct is the best PowerPoint template provider in the market. The company has witnessed many changes in the market since its advent, and it has itself adapted to follow the changing trends, and it can keep this up in the future, too.

Even today, Microsoft PowerPoint is still valid as the preferred tool to make presentations online. It has been introduced 30 years ago but the product evolved during all these years and is still a valid option for presenters who need to design their presentations without hassle.

SlideModel gives the presentation makers the freedom to choose from thousands of design at a very low price. It is the perfect way to captivate your audience, make an impact and make a strong impression.

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