Reveal: What is SnapChat Ghost? it’s Meanings & How To Change Ghost?

Snapchat is an online networking site which provides incredible features to there users, which makes Snapchat different from its competitors.

The main source of highlight is “Snap Chat Ghost”, which was launched in the year 2016 and which created a huge pomp and show in the market.

So lets unveil the curtain and lets decode what SnapChat Ghost is all about!!!!


These Ghosts are Crazy:

What is SnapChat Ghost?

SnapChat provide users different ways to add their friends on Snap Chat to start chatting, and also to view friends story. You can add friend by your Phone Address Book, User Identity, Nearby Location, Profile Link and by scanning Snap code available in the app.

The recently added Snap Chat Ghost which is displayed behind your friend’s username, on the Added Me screen and Add Friends from an address book in the phone. There are a lot of new Ghosts available which portrays different meaning, that shows up when someone adds you.

Not like Snapchat Emojis, these ghosts are not static, rather they will change with the users mood .

For an instance if you have added your Gf to your Snapchat and she sends a Ghost with a Smiling Face and heart shaped eyes then this denotes that the person loves to reply and chat with you.

So basically Snapchat ghosts serves as a new version of Emoticons with some insane brand new features.These are automatically generated and in most cases when someone you do not know in person or some anonymous person  adds you on Snapchat you will either see a Snapchat Selfie Ghost or a White Ghost with a funny face.

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What does different SnapChat Ghosts Means?

1. Surprise:This Ghost generally means Surprised. Your snaps and stories often surprises her/him. Your Story and snaps astonishes her/him and thus this ghost means exactly that the user in the next frame is surprised by your snaps.

2. Ghost with a Victory-Sign and a Star: Ohh Yeah! Your snap buddy find you as an optimistic person.

3. Ghost with  a Blue Bubblegum: It simply means that he/she feel a little bit bore with you and doesn’t like your company. You might have sent lots of snaps so better start behaving yourself.

4. Snapchat Black Ghost: Snapchat Black Ghost could generally mean a Selfie Ghost or the person has covered the camera with something. In other words it also means that the person has deactivated the account.

5. Snapchat Ghost Rock On!!!: Kindly note that this Ghost is not giving the middle finger. Although it looks like it. It is a sign of “Rock On” symbol or generally shows attitude sign.

6. White Ghost with tears: Well, this is for “Laugh out Loudly” a laughing emoji which at small sizes is often mistaken for being tears of sadness. This emoji is laughing so much that it is crying tears of joy.

7. Ghost with Angry Face: It generally means angry looking face.

8. Shock: This SnapGhost  probably means you blocked the person.

9. Ghost IDK:  IDK stands for- I don’t know! Your buddy may be confused  or unsure about the snapping relationship the two of you have in snapchat.

10. Joyful: It means the erson likes you and all the snaps you have sent she simply loves them.

11. Ghost with Glass: It  probably means that you have added him/her and waiting for them to add you back in snapchat.

12.Ghost with a Crying Face: It could probably mean disappointed ,heartbroken, hurt and upset.

13. Fire ? – You are on a Snapstreak or creating a perfect sensation! You have snapped your friend each and every day, and they have snapped you back each and everyday.

14. Content: He/She is content with the snapping activities you both are doing.

15. Gold Star  – Someone has rewind this person’s snaps in the past 24 hours of the day.

16. Yellow Heart ? – You are number one best friends with each other and you enjoy each others snaps. You send the most number of snaps to this person in your chat , and they send the most snaps to you in the chat.

17. Red Heart – You have been number one best friends with each other for two weeks straight and your bond is increasing day by day.

18. Pink Heart – You have been number one best friend with each other for the last two months straight.

19. Baby ? – You just became friends with this person in a meanwhile.

20. Face With Sunglasses on – One of your best friends is one of their best friends or it simply means you are a mutual friend.

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Now the question will arise How to Set a Ghost!!!!

STEP 1: We will try to explain how you can set your own Ghost in just a few minutes. Firstly, you have to open the Snapchat app in your phone. Once you have opened the Snapchat app, you’re almost in the right place you want to be. When you are in the camera menu please scroll down so that your Snapcode and other personal settings and menus appear in the display box.

STEP 2: There you can see your Snapchat with a white Ghost prompting infront of you. If you tap on it, you may notice that your front camera turns on and your face becomes visible in the Ghost form and you look like Ghost.

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STEP 3: When the user  tap on the circle below the Ghost visible as a Ghost form, ‘Ready, Set, Go’ appears and Snapchat starts to take five photos in very quick succession time interval. These photos will be in a combination to a fast-moving kind of image which includes all of the photos Snapchat took in that respective interval.

Boom!!!! You got your Snapchat Ghost and your friends can see this as your profile picture.

You can see the tutorial in the link described below:

How To Change SnapChat Ghost

  1. Drag the image down.
  2. Click on snapchat ghost
  3. Old Snap Ghost occurs infront of you.
  4. Just press the button in the middle and wait for ready set go!!! And boom you got your new snapchat ghost
  5. To Save this , click on the left arrow and you have got your new snapchat ghost.

Cool Snapchat Ghost Images/Pictures

colourful snap ghost

Sad Snapchat Ghost Image




snapchat-ghost-with-victory-sign (1)

snapghost wink


A. Yes it is available for both the versions.


A. These scary ghost mean to describe the photo in several modes like: Funny Ghost, Scary Ghost, Joyful, Surprise, Black Ghost & so more.


A. No, sometimes Snapchat uses emojis also as a ghost.


A. No, they are just a virtual ghost and they are only designed for amusement.


A. Yes , the ghost can be changed anytime you desire , it just needs to click a pic of yours and booommm!!!!! you got your snapchat ghost.


A. You just have to press the left option in the display and your old ghost will get replaced by new one.

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Last Words:

Technology is changing day by day so the features of the snapchat app are also changing, so one has to keep up with the pace of the new technologies and adapt to it.

Check Out these amazing Ghosts you will definitely like them and also share with your friends these ghosts are so amazing everyone want’s to try so go and enjoy with these amazing ghosts.

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