Top 8 Cheap & Inexpensive Laptops for Under 300 Dollars

Whether you are a student, a professional or just a tech savvy enthusiast, getting your hands on the right equipment is always a topic of discussion. There is always someone giving you advice on what the next best laptop in the world to be used for editing, word processing or analytics.

But what if you are looking for an all-round good laptop on a budget or laptop below 300 dollars? Do you really have to sacrifice quality for cost? This is the reason why I’ve created this list post about top 8 laptop brands under $300.

Not anymore, with more and more people going digital it is easier to stay on a budget than you may think. To that end here is the latest news on the top 8 laptops under 300 dollars.

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Here’s the list :-

1. Asus X553SA Laptop $264.00 from :-

 Asus X553SA Laptop

With a lightweight machine at only 4.8lbs and 5 hours’ stand-alone battery power the deluxe x553sa asus laptop is a great low-budget laptop for those who need a quick and smart way to word process or surf the internet. Although it does not benefit from the advanced technology needed to navigate through several complex games and graphics, it does serve the purpose of the money conscious student or family who need to keep in touch with the growing digital world of the 21st century. With its 15.6-inch screen and 4GB RAM this is a definite contender in the top 8 laptops for under $300.

2. Asus X553MA $294.00 from :-

Asus X553MA 15.6-inch HD Glossy (Intel N2830, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, DVD Burner)

For just $30 more you could get yourself a slightly lighter (4.7lbs) machine from Asus with the same basic specifications. The difference here is in the usability for students. The asus x553ma black is a better machine to operate when completing homework and research. It’s user-friendly Windows 8.1 format is a great entry-level computer for those who are looking for an affordable alternative to buying a desktop computer, or who are unsure of how much time they are going to spend in the machine itself. Although still not the right machine for a gamer, this is worth a look when trying to find a good laptop under 300 dollars for college.

3. Dell Inspiron i3452 $208.99 from :-

DELL Inspiron i3452-5600BLK 14.0 Laptop with Windows 10 System

The dell inspiron i3452 14-inch does not disappoint within its budget range of laptops. For just the tiny price of $208.99 you can benefit from the quality build and fast start-up of the i3452, with a battery life of 6.5 hours this is a great day-to-day machine for those who want to get basic office work done and surf the web. Although it only gives you 2GB of Ram and 32GB of storage, with the money you would be saving you could easily get yourself an external drive to store all your work on, meaning it was backed up securely if you were to ever leave your laptop in your lecture all at college. 

4. HP Stream 11 $179.00 from :-

HP Stream 11-r010nr 11.6-Inch Laptop

Benefited with the everlasting & outstanding features of hp stream 11 laptop varying from a 4GB Ram and 32GB of storage, definitely the Stream 11 become a versatile and effective machine, being identified as an essential, fast and lightweight product to anyone. Weighing in at just 3.2lbs this laptop is worth its recommended retail price of $179.00. The best thing about it is that after you have finished your assignments for the day this laptop has the capacity to allow you to back to back watch your favourite episodes or marathon movies without any issue or delay. This stylish hp laptop is a wonderful match and Windows 10 puts this right up there with products to buy without any hesitation.

5. Toshiba Satellite C40-C-10K $244.77 from :-

Toshiba Satellite C40-C-10K Laptop Image

Sporting an Intel Celeron processor with an added Intel Burst Technology and Intel HD Graphics card, you can’t go wrong with a toshiba satellite c40-c-10k laptop for your everyday laptop needs. Lightweight at 3.7lbs with dimensions just over the size of a standard A4 piece of paper this machine is a portable and efficient word processor. Although it is not able to stand up against gamers machines or multi-tasking of half a dozen programmes or more at a time, it is a great addition to a household that is looking for something they can research and type up their findings on.

6. Acer Aspire ES1-572-31XL $299.00 from :-

Acer Aspire ES1-572-31XL As a laptop, we expect lightweight and fast processing, something we can easier move around with. The Acer Aspire is one of the heavier machines weighing in at 5.29lbs but makes up for this in its hardware. With the standard 4GB of RAM we have come to expect from most cheap rate of laptops the Aspire gives us an entire 1TB of storage space along with 6 hours’ battery life allowing you to work and save all your projects without the need for an external drive. Although designed to be a working laptop, you do have the advantage running older game titles for those who like to take a break from work.

7. Aspire One Cloudbook $249.99 from :-

Aspire One Cloudbook Laptop

This has got to be one of the sleekest laptops on the top 8 list, weighing just 3.53lbs, with a 14-inch screen and a 12-hour battery life the aspire one cloudbook is a fantastic entry-level option for those wishing to use Windows Office and surf the net. The comfort of using this machine sometimes outweighs the need for additional processing as the laptop itself only holds 2GB RAM. Running on Windows 10 you have the advantage of up to date software in a low-cost package. Not one for advanced users but definite a step in the right direction for those looking to save a few dollars. 

8. Lenovo Ideapad 100 $279.99 from :-

Lenovo Ideapad 100 15.6-Inch Laptop (Pentium, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, Windows 10)

Normally having to sacrifice quality for price the Ideapad changes this perception. Although not enables with the fastest of processors, the machine itself can quite happily complete day-to-day tasks for anyone needing a budget lenovo laptop at amazon.

With $GB of RAM and 4.75 hours battery life this is a trusty and reliable option. It can confidently rival its Celeron competitors with its pentium processor speed and has a comfortable and highly responsive keyboard. Something which a lot of cheaper models cannot boast. Weighing a little heavier than some at 5.1lbs the Ideapad is a good investment for someone needing to word process, browse the internet and stream. 

Final Words:

I’m desperately hoping you enjoyed reading this post and it helped you a lot in selecting your next best laptop in cheap rate. If you look around there are literally many options available on or other online e-commerce web portals.

If you love what you read, then do leave your feedback below and let us know a best laptop.

Thank you for your time & have a great day ahead !!

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