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Tradingview helps keep an eye

Online trading is a new sensation among this generation. A big part of youth is investing in stocks to gain more money. Trading is a way to make your money work for you. Online trading is part-time as well as full-time work for anyone. There are plenty of platforms that provide services of online trading and all are growing well every day because of the sudden and incredible popularity of online trading.

Trading was a popular concept of earning for a long time but after online trading came into the market the popularity of trading increased at a high rate. Online trading can be done from anywhere it can be a good choice of work from home which enables to work and earn in every situation. Trading has become an easy to access concept after the entry of online trading.

What is TradingView?

What is Tradingview

TradingView is a platform that visualizes the growth of any stock, crypto, forex &, etc. Many traders use TradingView to know about stocks, and crypto to earn more and reduce the chances of loss. Trading is a risky business if you’re not applying the principles of the market.

Suggestions & help when you’re being supported by the experience and evaluation then it feels easy to do any job and enhance the impact also. Trading is a popular but not an easy concept but if you’re capable in terms of analyzing and observing the market trends then you can predict the outcomes with a high success rate. TradingView is a platform that provides trading charts and many other services which help traders in observing the market trends and understand the possibility of stock in growing. This helps a trader in better risk management and to get confident trading skills. TradingView is a path shower for traders

Features of TradingView

Tradingview features share the skill

TradingView is a platform with multiple features helpful in trading which enables it to become the most popular site among traders. These features are very different and more effective from other sites which makes TradingView a better and unique platform.

Some of the features are –

Amazing Charts


Charts are the best and most effective way to predict the market. Smart traders always believe in finding the real possibilities rather than the guessing game. TradingView provides a huge range of charts for traders to know about the real market and to predict the possible growth of the stock or any trade market. Different charts show different aspects and help in predicting different stocks and different possibilities.


The analysis is the basic way of evaluation and it is the most wanted detail for any trader to know about the growth of any stock. Technical Analysis on TradingView is done by factors like 100+ pre-built indicators, 30M+ communities built indicators, 50+ smart trading drawing tools, multiple timeframes, volume profile indicators and candles patterns. These factors by the TradingView get the most work done by users and make them understand the basic trends and basic way of evaluating the market.

About the alerts and notifications

TradingView Alerts

Everybody wants to skip to the good part. The market moves every second and makes major or minor differences. TradingView sends alerts and notifications of every movement so that users don’t miss any of these. TradingView provides alerts and notify every device and promises to not let anyone miss the best news and trends of the market to keep you updated and help you to tackle impacts of current events to analyze the future.

Learn from other’s skills

TradingView Watchlist and Chart

The market has a huge number of skilled people and their knowledge & talent can help you to grow. TradingView lets you know about the strategies and techniques of those players who are already a winner in the game and helps you to grow with their talent. Traders can also use & check those strategies and techniques on the charts to know about the possibility of success. Testing based on certain patterns also keeps the work speedy and lets traders learn those strategies on their own so that they’ll learn practically.

Pros of TradingView

TradingView is one of the most popular websites among people who do online trading. TradingView is so popular because of its incredible features and pros that combine to make TradingView a better option. some of the pros of TradingView are –

Easy to use

TradingView is an easy-to-use platform that gets the complicated work of traders done. TradingView is easy to access and all features are easy to use and understand.

A big chart database

TradingView has a big list of charts that enables you to know every aspect of any stock which leads to a properly planned investment.

Bar replays

Bar replays in TradingView are easy to use and simple like using any social media.

Cons of TradingView

TradingView is a great site to learn about trading and its aspects. TradingView has many beneficial features and pros which makes it a very popular platform among traders but with this, all TradingView has some cons also. Cins if TradingView  are;

Bad customer service

It’s very productive and good to use TradingView till any messy issue occurs on the site because TradingView isn’t so good at providing customer services to solve every single issue occurring while using the website or app.

Limited Free version

The free version of TradingView doesn’t provide so much to the users. If you’re using the free version of TradingView then you’ll feel that it’s very unhelpful and you can’t access many of the features of TradingView which is a down point for the platform.

Premium version issue

TradingView doesn’t provide premium features smoothly to the users. After getting a premium membership many times it gets stuck and many of the profiles seem to be locked which decreases the expectations of users.

What is works similarly to TradingView. Many features of both are mostly the same. was launched in 2007  by Dror Efrat and other co-founders and it’s available in 24 languages had 300 employees in 2019 is a financial information platform that provides key information to traders to help them in choosing the best stock to invest in. is a very informative and useful platform for traders to know about everything happening in the market so that they can invest in the stock with the best possible outcomes.

Features of

Features of Investing is a very popular site in the world of trading that keeps traders updated with the market and its movement has many beneficial features which work together to make it one of the favorite sites among traders.

Some features of are

Live updates

This site provides live updates of more than 100,000 financial products and 70 trading platforms which enables every trader to keep themselves updated with the market to work in full consciousness for making more money and get a successful career in trading at their own pace.

Maintaining an economic calendar provides a real date-time of global events which enables you to maintain a calendar for yourself to learn about every financial event on a global platform. This helps in knowing about what is happening and what is going to happen in any region of the world which is related to economic matters of the world.

Alerting system

This feature of is very useful and one of the most favorite because it delivers alerts on devices when any smallest change occurs in the price and on every single movement in the market which makes it easy to stay updated and allows you to buy on perfect timing.

Many financial instruments provides many financial instruments to the users like Technical Summary, Earnings Calendar, Market Quotes, Currency Converter, etc.. which makes their work easier and does the hard work of the traders to save their time and energy. These instruments are very informative and useful and get updated from time to time with advanced features of the site.

Pros of is a very useful and effective site for traders to enhance their experience with trading and make their work easier and more effective. has many features and pros that make this platform a very marvelous platform.

Some of those pros are –

1. Premium features without getting a premium membership

A bunch of financial instruments is very helpful for successful trading. Every instrument has its feature and this all is provided without any premium members which makes it more attractive.

2. Effective and accurate information

All information provided by is very accurate and effective for better outcomes which makes it a great option to learn about trading.

Cons of is a very useful and productive platform for traders because of its incredibly good features and pros which work together to make it a better platform but with these positive sides to investing.con do also have many cons too. Cons of;

1. Lots of ads gives many ads while users are using the features. There’s no way to get rid of those ads for fluent work. has no premium membership so they use ads for earnings but these ads decrease the user experience which is a negative point.

2. Slow updates in the database; is slow in updating the database which leads to uneven information with less productivity. Slow updates in the database can lead to losing the opportunity of getting a chance to invest at the best timing.


Tradingview Conclusion

Both platforms are good in their ways, both have their different features, pros and cons which makes them different from each other. In this very situation, it’s hard to choose one so the traffic helps you in choosing better among the two bests so the traffic on TradingView is better and higher in an amount which tells that the TradingView is better in user experience and gives you a more effective way to grow.


What are these platforms used for?

These platforms are used by traders to get knowledge about trading and markets.

What are the favorite features of both platforms?

The Alert and notifications system of both platforms is the most favorite feature.

Is trading a good source of income?

Trading can be very productive in the matter of money if done with accuracy and based on real events instead of guessing.

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