Lee Min Ho Net Worth 2024: How Much Money Does He Have?

Korean industries are roaring in every sector and acting is not something rare. The world loves watching South Korean shows and movies which have beautiful and light content.

Lee Min Ho

South Korean industry has given the world numerous superstars and one such star is Jee Min-ho. Except being an actor Jee Min-ho has multiple feathers added to his cap.

Let’s find out how well the audience has supported Lee Min-ho in terms of fame and love. Also how much being in multiple professions has helped Lee Min-ho in creating a whopping amount of net worth.

How Early Life Of Lee Min-Ho?

Lee Min-ho was born on June 22, 1987, in Seoul, South Korea. He has one sibling and is the youngest of the duo. His parents are Buddhist and Lee Min-ho was raised with the same values and morals.

Lee Min-ho never had this idea of acting and creating a fanbase for himself through the glamour industry. Earlier Lee Min-ho wanted to become a football player and contribute to the glory of his country but things were not in his favor as he later chose to become an actor-model. But we can surely say Lee Min-ho’s dream of contributing to the glory of his country turned true.

Lee Min Ho Educational Qualification

Educational Qualifications

Lee Min-ho is an educated man who always valued his morals overall. Lee Min-ho attended Namseong Elementary School from here his plan of becoming a football player was on track. But later on, when he came to fifth-grade things turned upside down due to an injury.

This was the time his interest in acting and modeling started increasing. In Danggok High School he met the future president of Starhaus Entertainment which was a turning point in his life.

As the actor signed with them in 2005 before entering college.

Lee Min-ho added to his education by enrolling at Konkuk University. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Film Arts. Also currently he is pursuing his master’s degree in film at Kookmin University Graduate School.

Movies and TV Shows

Lee Min-ho has been part of numerous movies and tv shows as his talent are extraordinary and he is loved by audiences in every role.

Some of the major movies which feature Lee Min-ho are Get Up, Gangnam Blues, Bounty Hunters, Our School’s E.T., Cheong Kawn Jang, Public Enemy Returns, Anastasia, Blade Of The Phantom, Mysterious Fighter and DMZ, The Wild, etc.

Lee Min-ho has also worked in several tv shows like The Heirs, Boys over Flowers, City Hunter, Pachinko, Personal Taste, Faith, Line Romance, Summer Love and I am Sam, etc.

This filmography is massive and has contributed to the betterment of Lee Min-ho’s career majorly.

Awards and Nominations

Lee Min Ho Awards

Lee Min-ho is an example of a perfect celebrity. He has all kinds of nominations/awards with an ocean full of love from the audience. Lee Min-ho has several awards/nominations like APAN Star Awards (nominee), Baek Sang Art Awards (most popular Actor-Winner, Best New Actor-nominee, most popular actor-nominee and so on), Blue Dragon Awards (popular Star-winner), Film Independent Spirit Awards, Gold Derby Awards, KBS Drama Awards and so on.

Numerous nominations and wins have been delivered to Lee Min-ho narrating how well he has managed his career.

Social Media of Lee Min-ho

Lee Min-ho is a global icon and that comes with major responsibility. Lee Min Ho is available and can be reached on numerous major social media platforms.

Lee Min-ho’s major social media accounts include a Twitter account with 3.1 million followers, a Facebook account with 28 million followers, and an Instagram account with 31.9 million followers.

Lee Min-ho enjoys a powerful social media presence as he engages well with fans through his impressive content.


Lee Min-ho besides doing movies and tv shows is also involved with major brands for endorsement purposes. Lee Min-ho has numerous brands to his profile including LG, Bang Bang, EIDER, ETUDE HOUSE, Binggrae Banana Milk, Romanson, Kia Motors, Twosome Place, Semir, and Lotte Duty-Free.

Net Worth of Lee Min-Ho

Lee Min-ho is a global star and with his modeling, acting, and social media influence he has created mammoth wealth for himself. Lee Min-ho’s estimated net worth is more than $10 million.

It is the result of his long list of movies, tv shows, and brand endorsements which contributed to creating an empire for Lee Min-ho.


Lee Min Ho Conclusion

Lee Min-ho is someone who should be admired and deserves to be an inspiration to youngsters. Lee Min-ho has manifested his whole life with hard work and has focused on the learning aspect of the acting field.

He is one of the most educated people in the domain of acting. He holds a degree in movies and is still trying to expand it. Lee Min-ho has always stayed away from controversies and has been an ideal star for his fans.

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