Malcolm Tibbetts Net Worth – Life, Career, & Financial Status

A well-known name in the industry of woodturning, Malcolm Tibbetts, has an enormous amount of wealth. He is a quintessential example as someone who can achieve anything and everything with the help of hardwork, effort, and regular practice. In his case, the work that made him so famous and needless to say, rich is his unique talent in segmented wood turning.  

In this article, we will be going over Malcolm Tibbetts’s net worth, early life, career, awards, and more. 

Malcolm Tibbetts Woodwork Piece

Introduction To Malcolm Tibbetts’ Early Life 

Malcolm was born on October 24, 1949, to Jon Malcolm Tibbetts and Royann Tibbetts in Minnesota, United States. The 73-year-old of American nationality attended the college in southern New Hampshire and later served in the military during the Vietnam War.

Allegedly, Malcolm created his first two pieces of wood in his grandfather’s workshop at just 5 years old. Malcolm, being brought up by a family and relatives fond of skiing, naturally developed his love for it too.

Malcolm Tibbetts

Introduction To Malcolm Tibbetts’ Career 

Malcolm grew up being surrounded by people who were super into the Ski industry and therefore later developed a compassionate liking for the sport.

He himself admitted to the fact that after completing his military service in the 90s, he moved to Tahoe in order to work as a patroller for the military in Garmisch, Germany. He then later goes on to become a part of the employee staff at a ski resort. He would later be promoted as the manager of the same resort due to his excellent performance and practical experience in the skiing profession.

However, later in his life, he had to experience some serious issues and arguments concerning the work at the ski resort with his seniors that would eventually lead up to him resigning from his position. 

Malcolm Tibbetts Woodturning

It wasn’t until the 90s that Mr. Tibbetts finally decided to give woodturning an actual shot which obviously given the present, would wind up being a very successful endeavor for his career. 

If needed to pinpoint the exact moment in Malcolm’s life that brought him the attention of fellow woodturners and people interested in it would be his sale at one of the San Francisco galleries. Over the following years, Malcolm Tibbetts ended up bagging numerous prizes at art contests and started getting recognition for his work. 

Malcolm Tibbetts Book The Art of Segmented Wood Turning

After dedicating his life to the profession of woodturning, he has so far published a book called “ Art of Segmented Wood Turning”; a step-by-step guide to segmented wood turning. 

How Rich Malcolm Tibbetts Really Is?

According to the experts, Malcolm Tibbetts in 2022 has an approximated net worth of $1 million. 

The gentleman has not only accomplished his name by creating some of the most amazing segmented woodwork but has published a book on woodturning to help people cover the basics. He has received multiple awards, has provided valuable additions to the woodwork industry and is highly appreciated for his marvelous artworks. 

Malcolm has dedicated his entire life to his passion and love for woodturning and deserves all the fame and money that came his way. 

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