StreamYard vs Zoom: Which One is the Right Pick For You?

Luckily we are living in a digital era and every piece of work is going to happen with just a single tap. From sending Good morning messages, online meetings, to managing businesses and classes are became at ease with the technology. There are various platforms in the market to handle video conferences and live streaming.Β 

StreamYard vs Zoom is the two top applications that can manage video conferences and Live video calls & stream effortlessly. Unable to pick the best one means, then it is a better option to go with its features, pros & cons and then decide which one suits your requirements like screen sharing, live chat, etc. 

😍 What is StreamYard?


StreamYard is one of the best applications to live stream in your browser and also allows you directly to stream on Facebook, Linked In, YouTube, and other platforms. One can do many things with this platform such as take interviews, teach online classes to students, broadcasting, and much more.

It is the easiest platform in creating live streaming and broadcasting professionally and without downloading to your device can do any type of live streaming. Without the requirement of any skills, you can manage everything and it hosts stable live streaming with high video quality.Β 

πŸ˜‡ Pros and Cons of StreamYard 


  • Free Version 
  • No need to download the app
  • Can stream on social media apps
  • Personalize your stream
  • Do comment on the screen


  • Only 10 people for interview purposes

😍 What is Zoom?


We have another live streaming and hosting service provider called Zoom that helps to communicate through live streaming. Today, it is one of the most trusted applications for businesses, individuals, and other enterprises too.  

Zoom platform is to make audio calls, video calls, meetings, chat, and much more easily at any place in the world. When it comes to official online meetings, Zoom is the first preference for many businesses across the world. Even many schools are likely to teach online with the Zoom platform, from this we can understand how it plays a crucial role in handling the live sessions. 

πŸ˜‹ Pros and Cons of Zoom 


  • Free version 
  • Use at any time and anywhere
  • Easy to use interface
  • Record audio and video content
  • Add users up to 1000 members
  • Multi-streaming
  • Excellent for group conversations


  • Limited features in free version
  • Different plans for different usages
  • Have to download the app

βœ… Features of StreamYard vs Zoom

Both are the perfect tool for various purposes and also has different security features that help you to do video chat, web conferencing, interview guests, audio conferencing, and much more. 

πŸ€— StreamYard Features 

Look into the StreamYard features


StreamYard Multistreaming

With just a few clicks, you can stream into different social media channels directly from the StreamYard. You can stream on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, YouTube, Hopin, Twitch, and other channels too. No matter where your audience is, you can simply invite them and connect easily. 

Through multistreaming, you can give shoutouts, share comments, chat privately, and you can do anything within your community. It allows you to stream at any time and anywhere. 

Branded Streams 

If your audiences want to recognize your brand then create personalized video content like adding your brand name, logo, themes, stickers, colors, backgrounds, and many more.Β Even it provides some designed themes to use while broadcasting that makes your video content awesome.Β 


Streamyard Recordings

It allows you to record all your audio and video streamings so that you can use them afterward. StreamYard automatically records when you do live streaming activity and later you can download them. Even you can separate the audio track from your live video with high-quality and you can edit it if necessary.  

Guest Interviews 

You can do guest interviews with StreamYard easily and the conversations with up to 10 members. Invite your guests, and with one click they can join from any device without downloading the app. You can download these audio and video recordings to your device. 

Audience Engagement

The various tools at StreamYard will help you to engage with audiences in two-way interactions. Display the questions, comments while ongoing Live and give answers, also discuss with them as a part of the interaction. Use the giveaway tool, so that you’ll get more audiences to interact with you.  

πŸ€— Zoom Features

Zoom Features

Zoom offers various features to make all your online meetings easy and comfortable way. 


One can host any type of meeting like online meetings, office meetings, either in audio or video formats. 

Chat Feature

It allows you to text with your community members like WhatsApp or any other messenger applications. 

Rooms and Workspaces 

One can hold important meetings with the help of rooms or create a safe space and invite the people to attend. 

Phone System 

The Phone system feature in Zoom is like a normal calling technique. 

Video Webinars

In this, you can hold the meetings, present any data or discuss business, projects, or anything else. 

On the whole, Zoom is not restricted to a particular industry as it is suitable for Education, Finance, Government, and Healthcare.  

πŸ‘ Similarities of StreamYard vs Zoom

Both the platforms are having some similarities and the list is mentioned below. 

  • StreamYard vs Zoom allowed its users to share screen with others.
  • Both are available in the free version and but they come with limited features.
  • Both offer the camera choice on your own, which means you can utilize the device camera or any software.
  • You can mute the audiences and so you can speak, it is a great option available in both applications.
  • To chat privately with others, Zoom has the option to chat with certain people.
  • You can save the live recordings and use them at any time you want.
  • It allows you to edit the audio and can use the audio as a podcast.
  • Both the platforms have an easy user-friendly interface and offer great support from the teams.

πŸ’™ Customer Reviews of StreamYard vs Zoom 

You can look into the user reviews to know how these platforms are helping to conduct various types of streaming to their communities. 


StreamYard Customer Review


Zoom Customer Review

🎁 Pricing Plans of StreamYard vs Zoom 

Through live streaming, one can engage with their audiences easily, and here are the pricing plans of StreamYard vs Zoom.

πŸ‘Š StreamYard Pricing Plans

StreamYard Pricing Plans

StreamYard offers a free version to its customers but with limited features. 

  • Screen sharing option
  • Banner editing feature
  • On-screen commenting option
  • On-screen participants limited to 6
  • Offers Brand colors and Green screen
  • Stream at any place & anywhere
  • StreamYard branding in your streams
  • Has Streaming limits

The basic version costs $25/month, and if it is billed annually means it costs $20/month. You’ll get every feature of the free version includingΒ 

  •  No StreamYard branding in your streams
  • Unlimited streaming facility
  • On-screen participants is limited to 10
  • Logo editing option
  • Overlays
  • Backgrounds
  • Custom RTMP destinations
  • Recording option for 4 hours/stream
  • Multistream for 3 destinations

The professional version costs $49/month, and the annual payment $39/month. You’ll get everything in the basic version including 

  • Recording option for 8 hours/stream
  • Multistream for 8 destinations
  • Full HD (1080p) quality
  • Offers Individual audio recordings

For businesses, you can contact the salesperson and they guide you with all the details. 

πŸ‘Š Zoom Pricing Plans

Zoom Pricing Plans

Zoom Meetings

For Zoom personal meetings, it is free. 

  • Access to host up to 100 participants
  • Unlimited group meetings for a period of max 40 minutes
  • Unlimited one-on-one meetings without time limiattions
  • Private & Group Chat option

The pro version costs $149.90/year/license for small teams with all features in the free version plus 

  • Host a video with max 100 participants
  • Increase participants up to 1,000 for large meetings
  • Group meetings for a period of max 30 hours
  • Social media streaming facility
  • Offers 1 GB cloud recording option per license

The business version costs $199.9./year/license perfect for small business with benefits in a pro version including 

  • Host up to 300 people
  • Single sign-on
  • Recording transcripts
  • Manage various domains
  • Company branding

The enterprise businesses version costs $240/year/license, with business benefits plus

  • Host max 500 Participants
  • Unlimited cloud storage option
  • Recording transcripts

For Zoom Phone, the pricing plans vary according to the country and region. 

  • US & Canada centered – $120/year/user
  • US & Canada unlimited – $180/year
  • The pro-global select – $240/year/user

The Zoom Webinar costs up to10,0000 attendees $1400/year/license and for large attendees contact a salesperson. 

Zoom Rooms 

  • The basic version is 30 days free trial period. 
  • Zoom Room licenses – $499/year/room 
  • Zoom enterprise plan – $499/year/plan

Zoom United

  • Zoom Pro, chat, and plus phone – $250/year/user
  • Zoom business meetings, chat plus phone – $300/year/user
  • Zoom enterprise, chat plus phone – $360/year/user

πŸ”₯ StreamYard vs Zoom – The Final Conclusion

Both StreamYard vs Zoom are good at their platforms and choosing the best means 

Select StreamYard if 

  • Share screen
  • Guest interviews
  • Brand video conferences
  • Stream on Facebook, twitch, etc
  • Multistreaming
  • Easily engage and connect with your audiences

Select Zoom if

  • For audio & video conferences
  • Meetings & Recordings 
  • Stream on different social media platforms
  • The free version is available
  • Suitable for any industry
  • HD Screen sharing on desktop and mobile devices
  • Works on any device

🀠 Frequently Asked Questions

🀞 Is it possible to use StreamYard with Zoom?

Yes, it is possible, Zoom platform can be streamed with StreamYard by using StreamYard’s bulletin screen share feature on windows Voicemeeter for video and on macOS Loopback for audio.Β 

✌️ Why Zoom is popular compared to StreamYard?

Zoom is more popular when compared to StreamYard because it helps every industry from small businesses to large businesses like schools, healthcare, government, financial industries, etc.Β 

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