12 Awesome! Reborn Silicone Baby Dolls {Best Amazon Sellers}

The origin of creating reborn silicone baby dolls began in the United States in late 1990’s. The process to make a high quality reborn doll is called “reborning” and the professional artists create it so well, that dolls look like real babies.

A reborn doll is an art that you can hold, feel, touch and cuddle. It is a type of vinyl doll that can be used to give a real baby look.

Silicone Reborn Baby dolls are lifelike baby dolls which are very realistic. The hair, legs, arms, hands, fingers, feet and toes of these vinyl silicone reborn dolls are soft and bendy. You can search for reborn dolls at online stores like eBay or at conventions fairs also.

The purchase of reborn dolls can be for many reasons like hobby of dolls collection, being a reborn mom or dad and many more. Reborn baby dolls usually cost from hundreds of dollars to create them by the artists. I hope you want to have fun with these silicone art dolls and bring them home very fast.

We’ll do our best to give their information in brief & help in selecting the best quality reborn child for you.

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Collection Of Full Body Reborn Silicone baby dolls

1. 22″ Reborn Baby Girl Realistic Silicone Wearing Beautiful Dress

22 Inch Reborn Baby Girl Realistic Silicone Newborn Babies Wearing Beautiful Dress

This lifelike reborn girl child doll is priced just at $83.99 on ebay. The size of this cutie pie is 22 inches i.e, about 50 cm. She has lovely hand rooted mohair applied hair and weight approx. 1.2 Kg’s. She has a silicone head and her eyes are open (can’t close) which are blue and brown in colour and look so clear, bright and realistic.

Want to know the best part of silicone dolls?

She is wearing beautiful pink ribbon embroidery frock with silky frill on the border outline of the dress. The outfit comes with matching reborn headbands which looks so pretty on the girl’s head. You can wear her any clothes of your choice what you want. Among different reborn silicone baby dolls for sale, this is the cutest doll to add to your collection.

 I hope you’ll love this best quality cheap silicone reborn baby doll for adoption. 

2. 11″ Lifelike Reborn Sleeping Girls Doll Full Silicone Vinyl Handmade Mini Baby

11" Lifelike Reborn Sleeping Girl Doll Full Silicone Vinyl Mini Baby Doll

These full silicone reborn baby dolls is composed of full silicone vinyl material, so you’ll feel comfortable when you hug her or kiss her. She can be part of your home just at expense of $29.99 only. Also, she comes with the clothes that are perfectly handmade according to the reborn baby girl full body size.

She has a lovely face and on the head she is wearing matching blue flowered headband. Looking at her eyes which are so much bright, her eyes cannot blink and made of superior quality acrylic material. You can cuddle her as she poses in your arms like a real baby.

RecommendedBlack Reborn Dolls

Enthusiastic demand is expected for this limited edition. So Here’s the deal, hurry up and welcome the little princess in your family. Order this silicone reborn baby girl doll now !!

3. 18″ Handmade Reborn Baby Doll Newborn Lifelike Soft Silicone Vinyl Sleeping Girl

18" Silicone Vinyl Reborn Baby Dolls Image

This is a perfect doll art designed by a famous reborn artist. Her cost is $49.99 only. The actual doll size is 45 cm/18 inches. Such a cute and lifelike reborn silicone babies dolls is 100% handmade craftwork of hand painting. The reborn baby doll closed eyes, her skin complexion fully fair, lips look rosy red and cheeks so chubby that you can’t stop yourself from kissing her.

The complete skin texture is totally composed with multi-layer manufacturing process. The doll’s colour after special treatment, will not fade. The delicate wisps of hand-applied reborn baby hair rooting, and perfect little hand-painted fingers and toes are so gorgeous to look at her. The package will include the birth certificate of baby with 1 pair of clothes.

Wish you love this little angel and bring her home as soon as possible !!

4. 22” Handmade Lifelike Baby Boy Girl Silicone Vinyl Reborn Newborn Dolls +Clothes

22''Handmade Lifelike Baby Boy Girl Silicone Vinyl Reborn Newborn Dolls + Clothes

The cutie reborn doll is 100% handmade doll created by Reborn artists. These gorgeous realistic silicone reborn baby dolls are made up of good quality and environmental friendly silicone vinyl materials. It’s cost is $60.99 only. The baby doll size is about 55 cm/22 inches and weight is approx. 1.4Kg/3 lbs.

Her eyes are open and made of high quality acrylic material. The baby doll is breathing, as reborn doll nose having nostrils are shown open. The package includes silicone doll clothes along with a magnetic pacifier.

This masterpiece doll is really a fantastic value for money. So, Buy her now !!

5. 55CM/22” Handmade Lifelike Baby Leopard Doll Silicone Vinyl New Creative Doll

55CM/22'' Handmade Lifelike Baby Leopard Doll Silicone Image

This pretty handmade doll is crafted with hand painting. Her cost is $89.10 only at ebay.com. You’ll fall in love with the little Baby Doll from the first moment you’ll hold her. This reborn silicone baby dolls measures Approx 22 Inches (55 cm) from head to toe. She has acrylic eyes, her eye doesn’t blink, skin is soft and made multi-layered with vinyl layers, reborn doll lips appear to be a soft, tender and like real baby’s lips.

Completely hand-drawn nails, some redness effect to the nail bed and her translucent nails is given, which are evenly made like half shaped moon. The magnet pacifier is inside her mouth. You will instantly want to pick her up and cuddle her forever.

Absolutely precious doll, Must get her !!

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6. 10″ Lifelike Girl Baby Handmade Vinyl Silicone Reborn Doll Sleeping Dolls Gift

10" Lifelike Girl Baby Handmade Vinyl Silicone Reborn Doll Image

A little angel lifelike silicone reborn baby dolls had been given a brand new body cloth composed with full silicone vinyl materials. Oh my god this sweetie costs just $28.99 only. You can see her ethnic cap on the head top and absolutely matching socks pair fantastically with the dress. Her eyes are closed (sleeping doll) and her lips have a lovely soft pink colour that matches her complexion perfectly.

The baby girl can sit, can lie, can’t stand, can’t speak. She’s so tiny, so beautiful, you’re sure to fall in love with our Little Baby Doll from the first moment you hold her. Once you pick my cute reborn up, you just won’t want to put her down.

Now: Ordering this little angel doll reborn will be life changing experience for you guys !!

7. 22″Realistic Handmade Lifelike Reborn Baby Girl Newborn Soft Vinyl Silicone Doll

22"Realistic Handmade Lifelike Reborn Baby Doll Girl Newborn Soft Vinyl silicone doll image

She comes dressed in an outfit and is 22 inches long,her standard weight Approx. 2.6 pounds and has 3/4 limbs (arms and legs) and head is extra soft bountiful made of silicone vinyl. The cute doll is sleeping as shown in the picture above. Her cost is $96.00 only.

Her hair is hand rooted using a good quality mohair. The cute reborn silicone baby doll clothes looks very pretty and also you can wear it beautiful cloth by yourself. Her eyelashes and eyebrows are made completely hand-drawn up so eyebrows must have to be treated carefully, do not force to wipe them.

Moreover, this doll is an ultimate version of happiness for your family. Shop full body silicone reborn baby dolls now !!

8. Nicery Reborn Baby Doll Soft Silicone Girl Toy 22in. 55cm Red Santa Dress

Nicery Reborn Baby Doll Soft Silicone Girl Toy 22in. 55cm Red Santa Dress Image

If you are looking for an ultimate realism like a real baby introduced from the brand Nicery, then this is your reborn baby. Amazing baby girl doll costs $99.99 on ebay. This cute infant is made of full silicone body doll. Her eyes are made of pure acrylic material. Head and four limbs of this sweetie is made of soft silicone reborn baby doll. She weighs about 2.6 to 3.1 LB and 22” long.

The doll hair are hand rooted with mohair and cloth body is filled with PP cotton. The complete capri which she wears has lovely red and white stripes and a matching pair of white ankle socks. In the package you’ll also get reborn adoption certificate of the doll for authentication purpose. When I think of her, I think Christmas is coming.

Really, she looks awesome. Don’t think much grab this opportunity and adopt reborn baby doll !!

9.  Soft Lifelike Sleeping 11” Vinyl Silicone Reborn Baby Doll Girl Handmade

11'' Vinyl Silicone Reborn Baby Doll Girl Handmade Soft Lifelike Sleeping Doll

Introducing another sweet little doll which is made from extra soft baby skin vinyl, in a light coloured neutral vinyl. these cheap reborn silicone baby dolls are available at $43.69 only. The baby can sit, can lay, can’t stand, can’t speak, can’t wink. This infant doll is about 11 inches long and weights about 600 g.

She has given high quality micro rooted straight & soft quality reborn mohair which can be any shape, and fixed to vinyl head. Just like a real baby ‘s hair can be washed. The newborn silicone baby doll is very tiny and have some little face pink blush on her face. Her cradle is pink, cap is pink and dress is also silky pink.

Welcome this tiny Pink World of princess at your home !!

10. 22” Handmade Lifelike Baby Girl Doll Silicone Vinyl Reborn Newborn Dolls+Clothes

22''Handmade Lifelike Baby Girl Doll Silicone Vinyl Reborn Image

This sweetly sleeping baby girl doll is 22 inches long and weighted to feel so lifelike and relaxed in your arms, the baby dolls all four limbs are movable.

She is 100% brand new reborn silicone baby dolls production and particularly soft unused doll that has all comfortable touch. Her eyes are closed, she is sleeping doll. The cloth body of this mini doll is filled with PP cotton. Her hand applied eyelashes are delicately created by reborn artists.

Especially her hands and feet look so real! The body is all vinyl, her very soft limbs, her hair can be washed and combed just like a real baby. You can buy best reborn doll at an affordable price of $93.88 only.

11. 11″ Handmade Real Looking Newborn Baby Vinyl Silicone Realistic Reborn Doll Girl

11" Handmade Real Looking Newborn Baby Vinyl Silicone Realistic Reborn Doll Girl Image

This reborn vinyl doll is very cute and fully crafted with hand painting. Isn’t it cool that she costs $22.90 in a huge collection of soft body reborn silicone baby dolls only? It is 100% made of high quality silicone vinyl materials. Actual size of the masterpiece doll is approx. 11”/28 cm. Her nostrils are open, as if the baby doll is breathing. She is amazing and true work of art, so it’s incredible.

The body filler are made with high-quality soft materials, blanket is made of soft fur and her limbs are filled with soft material of high quality clean and environmentally friendly. This newborn girl doll is very sweet, appealing and lifelike.

Such an adorable doll, I am you’ll want to experience her !!

12. New Handmade Vinyl Silicone Reborn Baby Dolls Lifelike Doll Girl Gift 22”

Handmade Vinyl Silicone Reborn Baby Dolls Lifelike Doll Girl Gift 22'' Image

One of the finest collection of silicone reborn baby dolls that has been made to look and feel like a real baby. She is priced at $66.88 only and waiting to go to a loving family. This realistic baby doll has silky soft hand rooted hair mohair and she wears a lovely pink outfit with delicate embroidery as well as a matching headband. Gorgeous tiny little baby doll is so so cute and joints, arms and legs of this baby girl are fully movable.

This little doll inner body is PP cotton filled and is made of high quality silicone vinyl materials. The precious little girl doll size is 55 cm/22 inch.

Incredible Doll !!

What’s the bottom line ?

A reborn doll is truly a work of art, rather than a child’s play object. Reborn artists put a lot of time and effort into making these cheap full body silicone reborn dolls come to life. The result is a lifelike doll that both looks and feels like a real baby. Look, all 12 shown reborn silicone baby dolls in the list are quality reborn dolls.

Guys, with a little bit of time and patience, just make your way to choose a unique collection of these one-of-a-kind silicone babies for adoption.

Go thoroughly with this lovely collection of reborn silicone baby dolls for adoption on ebay. Make sure you buy that one you are happy to have always !!

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