Sidemen Net Worth 2024: How Much Money Do They Have?

Friendships do wonders in your life. This is the relation often tagged stronger than any other relationship. The power these strong friendships should have is fantastic and we aren’t stating that on an emotional stance.

Sidemen are described as a group of friends with over 93 million fans and billions of views on youtube.

Yes, when your friends are on your side with a vision then surely the hurdles of the world don’t look that big. Let’s figure out more about Sidemen and how much money has been cultivated by them over years.

Who is Sidemen?

A group that has plans to showcase its talent in the finest manner. As they haven’t left any stone unturned which means from charity to fun content Sidemen has the knowledge of being successful in all.

About sidemen

Sidemen is a group of seven friends named Olajide Olatunji, Simon Minter, Joshua Bradley, Tobit Brown, Ethan Payne, Vikram Barn, and Harry Lewis.

The group has a history of knowing each other before having such a scale of success. This means there was an idea that got support and collectively led to the success of the dreams of members.

About The Team

About the team

The soul of Sidemen is seven friends. Even after getting identified as a group they still shine bright with their individuality. All of them got a fan following from a global audience and basic facts about them are as follows –

Olajide “JJ” Olatunji


The popular name of Sidemen is Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji who was born on 19 June 1993 in London. The father of Olajide is from Ibadan Nigeria and the mother is from London. The brother of Olajide is also a YouTuber.

Olajide visited Berkhamsted School in Berkhamsted which also proved a life-changing moment as here he met his Sidemen counterpart.

He also has a boxing career named “Nightmare”. The statistics suggest he has fought one professional fight which was won by him. The genre of videos is major makes is entertainment, football, comedy, and music.

Simon Minter


Another member of Sidemen is Simon Minter who is also known by his Sidemen name Miniminter. He has been part of the Sidemen group since 2013. Any other major information isn’t available about his early life and school education.

Joshua Bradley

Meet Josh

Zerkaa the name which belongs to every Sidemen fan is Joshua Bradley with his birth name. Joshua Bradley was born on 4th September 1992 in Bermondsey, London. In terms of education, Zerkaa visited Ravensbourne University for an upper second degree in Digital Film Production.

He is a major youtube and twitch streamer with more than 8 million subscribers in total. He has been named the ninth most influential youtube personality in 2019 by The Sunday Times.

TOBIT “Tobi” Brown


Tobi Brown who is known as Tobjizzle or TBJZL is a co-founder of the group Sidemen. He is famous for his internet streaming. He was born on 8 April 1993 in London Borough, England.

Tobi got his primary education from Dominic’s Catholic Primary School. Bexley Grammar School was the place where he met Josh Bradley who is another Sidemen member. Tobi, except for making videos, also has a degree in computing from Coventry University.

Ethan Payne

The famous Behzinga is Ethan Payne who was born on 20 June 1995 in London England. Ethan Payne has a great interest in creating videos for the genre of comedy, football, gaming, and fitness.

Ethan Payne struggled hard because of his family as his father left him when he wasn’t born. His stepfather raised him till the age of thirteen. Ethan Payne studied video game development at South Essex College.

Vikram “Vik” Barn


Vikram “Vik ” Barn who is famous by his nickname Vikkstar123 was born on 2 august, 1995 in Guildford, Surrey, England. Barn was always passionate about his youtube career he even declined the opportunity to learn life science at the University College of London for his Youtube Career.

Harry Lewis


Harry Lewis joined Sidemen in 2014 after all other members had joined it already. Harry Lewis met a member of Sidemen at a FIFA event where he got the offer for joining the team. He is known by his popular name Wroetoshaw.

Net Worth of Sidemen

The massive net worth of Sidemen is coming from Youtube channels. The views combined cross billions on Youtube. Sidemen’s estimated net worth is supposed to be euro 55 million.

The contribution of all the seven members isn’t equal as it differs from person to person.

The earnings of each member are as follows-

Vik Barn: €8 million

Subscribers: 7.56 million +

Simon Minter: €9 million

Subscribers: 10 million +

KSI: €16 million

Subscribers: 23.9 and 15.8 million on different channels.

Harry Lewis: €4 million

Subscribers: 16.2 Million Subscribers

Josh Bradley: €3 million

Subscribers: 4.63 million

Ethan Payne: €3 million

Subscribers: 4.86 million

Tobi Brown: € 1.2 million

Subscribers: 4 83 million

Sidemen Merchandise

The real fans of Sidemen know that being a fan isn’t easy. As it comes up with a lot of responsibility One such major responsibility is to look like a Sidemen fan. Don’t worry that isn’t difficult to buy hoodies, T-shirts or accessories, etc from the clothing line Sidemen and be ready to go.

Charity Football Games

Conclusion of Sideman

Sidemen believe in social work as they had organized 4 football matches for Charity between Sidemen members and Youtube All-Star. Fans turn out in massive numbers to visit these matches and cheer for the best.

Sidemen Social Media:

Conclusion – Final Say

Sidemen is a classic group with all of the members on top of their games. Even after the earnings differ, the unity stays the same. Not a single case of conflict is observed in the group.

They narrated how well one can achieve by keeping the focus on talent and staying loyal in friendships. Youtube too had given separate play buttons to each member for their Youtube achievements.

The massive net worth is well deserved as from the days of having a vision to living together to make it true says a lot about the firm dedication to innocent dreams.

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