Eightcap Review 2024: Is It Best For CFD & Forex Trading?

Trading is the ocean of financial boosters. Different types of markets in the world trade different types of assets.

Forex is the market for the financial trading of foreign currency. It is one of the most moving markets.

Introduction to Eightcap

The traders have to estimate how well the market would be performing in terms of currency as an asset. Daily millions of transactions happen in the market to create billion of movements in the life of traders. Forex is the finest and one of the most difficult markets to survive. To survive a market a good broker is desired and “Eightcap” is surely the name that strikes the chords pretty well.

What is Eightcap?

About Eightcap

Eight caps is a perfect broker when it is to Forex trading. The way Eightcap has been created saves numerous deficiencies in the structure when compared to other brokers.

It has international recognition too which helps it become more legit than any other broker present in this domain. Eightcap is a kind of broker which has got numerous attractive features that keep users bound to it

History of Eightcap

History of Eightcap

Eightcap was founded in 2009 to assist traders with trading and have a smooth trading experience. It has got its hold in Melbourne, Australia. Eigjtcap has a license by the Australian Financial Service License with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

Eightcap has got more than a decade in this domain which helps it in getting experience about how things show up in the market. Eightcap isn’t limited to Forex as CFDs are also part of trading but yes Forex has the maximum users.

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What Can A Trader Expect From Eightcap?

The urge of traders’ expectations from a broker ends at Eightcap. Features offered by Eightcap show how beautiful and smooth trading can be with the right broker by your side. Lower charges on transactions also attract traders to go for Eightcap.

Eightcap stands firm on different parameters like fees & commissions, research, reliability, and platform-tools, etc. All of these factors are nailed by Eightcao to generate a bigger trader base for Forex and CFDs.

What Are Some Features Of Eightcap?

Key Features of Eightcap

Eightcap has a bank full of features to impress traders and make their work easy. It has got things in place to drive the stuff better and act in favor of traders. No matter whether it is about fees or glitch-free experience Eightcap has got all of these in place. These features are the highlights of Eightcap as they collectively make it what it is.

Some of the features are listed below –

What Can You Invest In?

Eightcap majorly allows trading in 45 forex pairs and a bunch of CFDs. Forex trading is the major user getter for Eightcap as it attracts global attraction and makes the game bigger. The count of total tradable symbols is 326. Eightcap also got its hands on Cryptocurrency trading.

Suggestions by Eightcap

The trading in crypto cant be done directly in the form of assets but it can be done in the form of CFDs. The platform is bound to follow specific market rules announced by the geographical government of respective traders.

Commissions and fees

The commission and fees are the key factors in deciding on a broker. The mega-high fees can disinterest the traders and ruin the user base. Eightcap has generally two types of plans, one costs $3.50 per trade which on average is 0.8 pips this is the cost of the standard plan.

Eightcap Fees

On the other hand trading on an average of 0.6 pips can be enjoyed on a lower-commission raw account. The fees and commission structure of Eightcap may look slightly higher than other brokers. The minimum deposit on Eightcap has been caper on $100.

Use it over the phone

No matter which system you are on, things are always going to work out on Eightcap. As it allows the usage of the platform on ios and android. The MT5 app is available easily on the play store and apple store.

The standard app facilitates trading and works in favor of traders only. Features of chart-trend lines, news alerts, and watchlists can be enjoyed on this version too. The app isn’t even complicated to use and acts in favor of the traders only as for now trading is just a click away.


Charts of Eightcap

Eightcap offers charts based on trend lines which helps in getting the evaluation done. These charts help in doing the work for traders and keeping them safe from making random shots in the market. The charts are perfect by all means and act as a weapon against confused trading. Multiple time frames are also offered by charts as traders can make deep replays to see how the asset has been changing in a minimum of time.

Get the research done

Research takes place on the Eightcap platform to enlighten the traders about market situations. The market changes or plans to be changing anytime soon can create chaos in a trader’s life.

Multiple lives are at stake so it is better to keep track and make numerous data-based evaluations so that the traders can stay ready beforehand. Research work as in informative videos and well-written blogs is provided by the platform. Daily updates and special video lessons on their youtube channel also give an edge to users.

Get educated

Eightcap giving education

Education has the power to change the whole world so what just think how big is the market then? If a trader can get educated regarding numerous ways of trading and ethics of the market then they surely improve with their game. It seems a bit chaotic that one has to first learn to trade and then implement it but don’t we do the same in our regular lives too?

Get Knowledge

Learning with well-written articles and videos related to trading strategies all of this stuff helps in understanding the pattern of development in the market. The more educated a trader is the luckier they become and luck works like magic in this trading circle.

News alerts

Eightcap is not letting you go anywhere by taking care of you like no one else. The alerts are given by Eightcap help in understanding how well the market is handling the bumps or how messy it plans to go shortly.

The daily news alerts can be the reason for the shock to someone and the surprise to someone else. As forex is a 24-hour market, news alerts have to be managed like a pro and Eightcap is surely the right one to do that.

Crypto involvement

Crypto Involvement in Eightcap

The inclusion of crypto trading in the form of CFDs has helped in broadening the reach of Eightcap from Forex. Yes, the crypto investments are full of rules and regulation that differs from region to region yet it is a roaring domain and Eightcap has no plans of missing it. Crypto helps in understanding the idea of digital trading and Eightcap is everywhere when it is about a good broker for trading.


Eightcap is fully legit and one can get this understood by looking at the license by ASIC and FCA. Somewhat not being publicly traded or being operated by a bank lowers the trust factor but yes it got it settled with the support of ASIC

Reliability over the broker cant is ignored as it is a matter of financial stability of traders at stake. Even the minute chaos can eradicate the way it is placed in this domain. Still, Eightcap manages to get a big trader base because of its features.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Eightcap?

Eightcap is very well structured and supported in the market since the day it was founded. Eightcap has got several features that were discussed in the above paragraph readers. These features only help in generating benefits for users depending on their Forex and CFD trading over Eightcap. Some of such benefits are listed below –

Crypto CFDs and Forex

Eightcap Forex Trading

Eightval hasn’t got itself limited to Forex trading only. As it knows the importance of trading in crypto but Eightcao doesn’t allow the direct crypto investment for now but surely in the way of CFDs. Forex trading is the backbone of Eightcap for sure with around 45 forex pairs, traders can bounce easily over higher returns.

Licensed by ASIC

ASIC is the key regulator for market trading in forex and the license it provides directly leads to the reliability is increased. Eightcap has got its license from ASIC and has been performing well on its promise of fair and smooth trading for all of the users.

Research and educational assets

The educational assets which are offered by Eightcap solve tonne of queries of traders seeking knowledge. The research work on the one hand provides traders with all of the active information of the market this helps in planning the moves. Both work in making the traders work easy and driving the market to higher profits.

Easy to use the app

Eightcap Begin trading in three steps

The app of Eightcap can be easily downloaded and used by the play store and apple store. It offers better compatibility and helps in smooth and simple trading for users. The way it is formed eradicates the messy stuff and generates a better experience for all of the traders.

What Are The Pros Of Using Eightcap?

Pros offered by Eightcap are highly beneficial for Eightcap market values.

  • Easy to trade app which can be used on two main systems (ios and android)
  • News alerts help in getting all of the things on track related to the market.
  • The research and educational videos/articles make new traders confident about their skills.
  • Crypto investment in form of CFDs increases the count of traders.


Why traders choose Eightcap

Eightcap isn’t the king of the brokers but surely it’s not less than it either. The way it is structured and keeps on updating since day one is the reason behind its wonderful growth. It also believes in educating new traders about trading which shows its vision of an equal market. Its numerous features and pricing plan helps in getting trader excited to trade and change their fortunes.

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