The Issue Of Supply Chain Fragmentation

What is Supply Chain Fragmentation?

With the evolution of technology, many different aspects of supply chain logistics are also evolving. With the introduction of globalization, the global supply chains are expanding at a rapid rate and becoming more and more complex as the days pass. As a result, the importance of true collaboration is also increasing and making the flow … Read more

The Future Of The Digital Supply Chain

Supply Chain Fragmentation

Understanding the digital supply chain’s future is critical to success. Big Data, the Internet of Things, blockchain technology, predictive analytics, and the growing dissatisfaction that these technologies bring to the sector must all be embraced. Let’s take a closer look at how these technologies will impact supply chain management in the future, as well as … Read more

Does Your Supply Chain Need Blockchain

Supply Chain Fragmentation

Blockchain is one of the hottest topics in technology today. It’s being touted as the “next big thing” in supply chain management. But is blockchain really the panacea that supply chain managers have been waiting for? Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology. It’s essentially a “digital ledger” that records transactions between parties. The ledger is … Read more

What Does Shipchain Do?

Shipchain delivers information about Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrencies, Fintech, Trading, Reviews, etc. We are here to help people with the right & correct information. Our research team & experts publish the information which provides more clarity with the right knowledge. Stay Connected!

How Cognitive Automation Could Transform The Logistics Industry

Cognitive Automation

In the current scenario of logistics management, artificial intelligence is a buzzword. Its widespread application is evident across various sectors. Amazon is implementing AI technology to automate warehouse processes. Leading retailers like Walmart and Amazon are deploying last-time delivery drones. This technology can also transform the complex skills required in logistics jobs. By leveraging this … Read more

How To Reduce Fraud in Logistics

Reduce Fraud in Logistics

To operate a successful business, you have to stay on top of your supply chain, but it can be tough to monitor everything that happens. In the process of receiving and shipping products and materials, there are many opportunities along the way that can leave your company open to fraud, including employee theft, counterfeit goods, … Read more

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